My social media shoutout

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family life / motherhood

Wow. That all fun weekend that I mentioned to you in my last post, it must have been a success. My 14 year old daughter was loading up the dishwasher and twirling, singing, dancing, ya know… the norm. Well, in that time somehow, she rather stealthily updated her Facebook to something like this: ‘feeling giddy, and (she shared a satire text blog) I wish my PARENTS would text me like this. with – (me & her father). HOLD UP a minute… did baby girl just put me on blast on social media as her parent??? Did she just also equate that with having fun and being silly? Did she just share a second of non teen angst with the world?

Oh. My. Stars. For Realz.

Mama K for the win! My partner and I looked at each other and didn’t make a big deal out of it. We acted like we didn’t even see it. But deep down inside, I was doing the nae nae.


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