Life has been so busy lately

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So, first off lemme say a huge mea culpa. I have not updated my baby blog in thirteen days to be direct. That was not part of my agenda, but ya know, life happens. Life is happening. Boy, oh boy, it is. I recently got accepted to my top choice in graduate school – Teachers College at Columbia University. Can we just have a moment of reflection for the dopeness that is that? Like, Woah.

That happened, and also all of the prep stuff that goes along with that. Days on end of all the follow up that goes with receiving news like that. Do I attend? How will it be paid for? Sending follow up emails upon follow up emails. Oh yes, then there are the job interviews, the admitted students day, and hoopla surrounding that. Let’s see, it’s also a BUSY time in our household. The kids have state exams for school, my partner and I are gearing up on the business front, it is generally a time full of many goings on. Last but not least, I have been fighting against my chronic illness and all that accompanies that.

But I do enjoy this outlet, so expect to see things go back to regular. Real soon.


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