Family moments for the win

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family life / motherhood / sacrifice

I’m trying something new. I am injecting more fun into our days to days, and I don’t mean on the weekends anymore. Good news is flowing everywhere, and a win for me is a win for the kids and my partner. WE are fighting the good fight together, and we are winning together!

It is definitely a bit for me to get used to, this sharing thing. Sharing my plans, news, processes and steps with others isn’t something I regularly do, least of all with children. But I have been thinking about it – if I want the children to model my work ethic and traits for personal success, then I might need to let some of my moves be seen. When the kids see me getting dressed to go out and interview for jobs, or me working on my laptop at the same time they are working on homework, it mens something. It also means something when my degree is hanging up in the family office space. It also means something when I can take the kids with me to my new school for a day and they end up meeting the President of my college. It is also freakin’ fabulous when the Dean and Vice Provost has met the children too, and she is a Black woman. It means a lot when they see me and Daddy working hard on our individual dreams I mean, it really means a lot.

I want the children to be the best at whatever it is that they aspire to work toward. So setting the example isn’t that hard. I just naturally do me, and they should copy. Heck, the girls want to copy my style and I am sure to model what is appropriate for a young lady and a grown woman. This should be no different. My win is their win.


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