Heya! I been gone.. with good reason

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Hi, Blended family masters,

It’s been a minute since I have last posted. Let’s see. I have been especially busy with so many things. My chronic illness has really taken over and kept me from doing much of anything other than resting. Then it got better, so YAY for that! Also, My partner and I are now engaged! Whooooo! I am someone’s Feyonce! lol I just love spelling it like that! We got engaged, the day before our first anniversary. So sweet it all was. I am a very lucky lady. My Khalfani is the sweetest to me, and he is the biggest supporter in my world. I simply ❤ him SO much!

Naturally, wedding planning, an anniversary, a birthday celebration ( I turned 35), Mother’s Day (my very first which was anxiety producing to say the least), and an engagement moon trip to Jamaica! My life has been very full beyond belief! Let me not forget, I started graduate school at the school of my dreams and I am on that Ivy League road. I have worked very hard to get here, and I will continue to work hard to stay here and kill being here! Three children aged 14 – 9, and being a stay at home mom, grad student, planning a wedding and living full time with the love of my life. Wow. Life is great, but I need to get back to writing. It does save from time to time when I feel like there are things I need to express. Writing has always been my salvation. I am looking to be be saved again.


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