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Life has been so busy lately

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So, first off lemme say a huge mea culpa. I have not updated my baby blog in thirteen days to be direct. That was not part of my agenda, but ya know, life happens. Life is happening. Boy, oh boy, it is. I recently got accepted to my top choice in graduate school – Teachers College at Columbia University. Can we just have a moment of reflection for the dopeness that is that? Like, Woah. […]

From the Academy to Stay-at-home-mommyhood

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I love the academy. Seriously, anyone that knows me in real life knows that the academy saved my life and has been one of the most sustaining, reliable and worthy causes in my world over recent years. I simply was meant to be an academic. The picture you see is of me in the Fall of 2014, in my office at the University I was enrolled in as a graduate student and worked as a […]