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My first Mother’s Day

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I approached my ¬†first Mother’s day as to be expected… full of trepidation and anxiety. I felt somewhat fraudulent since I never gave birth to these children or anyone for that matter. I mean, they have a mother who birthed them. I just am here for the now. I am here in the flesh since their mom is not. I was so uncomfortable with the concept of celebration as it related to me, since I […]

Family moments for the win

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family life / motherhood / sacrifice

I’m trying something new. I am injecting more fun into our days to days, and I don’t mean on the weekends anymore. Good news is flowing everywhere, and a win for me is a win for the kids and my partner. WE are fighting the good fight together, and we are winning together! It is definitely a bit for me to get used to, this sharing thing. Sharing my plans, news, processes and steps with […]

My top 3 Bonus Mom lessons this week

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family life / sacrifice

Wow. It’s been a few days since I have updated. I needed to live these experiences and also think about what it is I am really trying to say here, to document – even. I have been blessed to enter my family’s life at this time and though it is not without it’s challenges, I do not want to write into ‘permanency’ all of these challenges. I want to write down the joys, the lessons, […]

Ain’t I a mom? (a nod to Sojourner Truth)

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family life / mtherhood / sacrifice

(All paths to motherhood are different and valuable) This thought is one that has been challenging to me as of late. I have been dating my partner for some time now and have had many nights, weekends and days just being with him and his children. In that time before I moved into his home, I was simply the girlfriend. Innocent enough, right? I was simply there for the ‘cute’ moments. Let’s see, going out […]