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Heya! I been gone.. with good reason

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Hi, Blended family masters, It’s been a minute since I have last posted. Let’s see. I have been especially busy with so many things. My chronic illness has really taken over and kept me from doing much of anything other than resting. Then it got better, so YAY for that! Also, My partner and I are now engaged! Whooooo! I am someone’s Feyonce! lol I just love spelling it like that! We got engaged, the […]

You’re never alone

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My partner’s best friend and his wife are coming up on a year of marriage and blended family-hood. Recently, my partner and I were at their home and ended up sharing more than I expected. What I realized is, none of us is perfect. None of us have the answer to it all. We are all just going through this thing called life and taking it one day at a time. In this safe and […]

A family outing

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A family outing. Anxiety. Stress. Micro managing. Planning to the T. Packed lunches. Smart snacks. Comfortable shoes. Warm clothes. Appropriate layers. Pre- outing talk. Prayers, lots of prayers. We went out recently, for the first time more than twenty minutes driving distance from the house. We also did not drive, and left the borough of Brooklyn. We took the New York City public transportation system which by itself is quite adept at inspiring the unpredictable, […]

How much should a ‘Bonus Mom’ accept?

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I really ask that question as earnestly as one can. How much nonsense, down right disrespect and foolish shenanigans should we as women accept? It’s hard enough to think that any minor age children are serving up so much unceremonious sass, but it has NEVER been in my wildest dreams that I would be receiving it. You see, I was born in the Caribbean, and as an islander, respect for elders and ‘the village’ are real.